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Temzin Tibetan Mastiff & Shiba Inu Kennels, Charmaine & Tony Allen, Victoria, Australia.

My husband, Tony and I live on a large cattle farm in rural Victoria, Australia after moving here from New Zealand in 1996.

Before leaving NZ we fell in love with a photo of a big black male Tibetan Mastiff we found in a dog book and after failing to find any breeders in New Zealand we waited until we had moved to Australia to resume our search again.

In 1999 we finally found a litter that consisted of two puppies one of which was our foundation male, Merlin.

That same year when we were in Queensland on holiday we were offered a black 5 yr old female which we just could not resist, and so there were two.

GThese two first TMs produced a litter of which we kept one, Buffy and now there are three.

Then we did more research and since then we have imported five more females, Inka from UK, Moya from Italy,   Chyna from Estonia,  Geva from France, and Diva from Russia.  Recently we imported a magnificent golden male Tibetan Mastiff from Czech Republic to compliment our girls.

It seems that each year our beloved pack has grown so that now we are part of a pack of 8 Tibetan Mastiffs and 6 Shiba Inu.

We love the magificent Tibetan Mastiff and the Shiba Inu so much, wouldn't have it any other way!

If you feel you would like to know more about this breed or our dogs please contact us.


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Charmaine ALLEN
Ellerslie, VIC, Australia
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